Training course Powder / Ombré Permanent Makeup PMU

We invite you to sign up for our new and unique course-
Powder / Ombré Permanent Makeup PMU

 Date: February 15, 16, 17.

This unique course is designed to train anyone from zero to expert level, taking all modern trends into account.
At the end of this course, you will receive extensive knowledge, practical skills, and certificates of completion, and, we can assist with obtaining a license if necessary.

Course syllabus:

✔️Structure of skin
✔️Indications for permanent makeup procedures
✔️Workplace organization.
✔️Aseptic and Antiseptic basics.
✔️Working with the client before the procedure.

✔️Signing an agreement with a client.
✔️Indications. Contraindications.
✔️Color Theory
✔️Permanent makeup application techniques.
✔️Working with pigments. Proper pigment selection and application techniques.
✔️Skincare after the procedure.
✔️Legal aspects of permanent makeup.Hands-on Practice:
✔️Proper hand position
✔️Practicing on artificial skin
✔️Carrying out the procedure on models 

➡️ During training and practice, the student is provided with all the necessary materials.
➡️ Certificate issued at the end of the course and successful passing of the exam
➡️ Master class from a leading specialist top-PMU artist
Starter kit as a FREE GIFT
➡️ After training, we provide the necessary informational support.

Attention! How the training is conducted:
✅ Small group – 3 people.
✅ During theory training sessions 6 ft distancing is maintained.
✅ During practice, each student is assigned a separate room. There will be a teacher, a model, and a student in each room.

‼ ️Mandatory masks, disposable gowns and shoe covers are worn at all times, ozone lamps in every office.
We guarantee safety and compliance with health standards!

Our address is 125 Brighton Beach Ave, 2nd fl. Brooklyn, NY, 11235.

️Also, we invite models interested in a free procedure. If you’re interested, please leave a comment and we will be in touch.