Hello ladies!
Glad to see you on my web-site.

My name is Inga. I am a leading beautician with many years of experience in the beauty industry. I have cosmetologist licenses in New York, diplomas from Barcelona, Kiev and Moscow. I have been providing my beauty services for  years. I took up cosmetology in my grandmother’s footsteps. She worked as a cosmetologist all her life, and I actually grew up in the field of cosmetology industry. That is why my chosen profession is my love!

I am also the owner and creative director of “Inga Cosmo” beauty salon, I also opened the laboratory  ”Inga Cosmo Lab”.  I have developed several of my branded beauty products there. Such as “live cream”; a cream that can be made yourself; glue for lash lift, and now we are engaged in the production of henna-based eyebrow tint.

In addition, I have developed an author’s technique of a unique 4D Lifting Massage for the face and a 4-minute lift for a selfie mobile application. Using these methods youthfulness and tightness of the skin without surgical interventions is now a reality!

I am constantly on the move, regularly improving my skills, mastering and developing new techniques.
Thanks to my clients, I continue to grow and develop, transforming the beauty salon into a place where everyone can find the beauty procedure they are looking for and also learn new things. Yes, that’s right, I also share my knowledge with future cosmetologists on my beauty courses. On these courses, you can obtain new skills and change your profession.

To stay young and beautiful as long as possible is a dream of every girl and woman.

Therefore I help to make this dream come true and support your skin with the help of innovative cosmetic procedures in our salon, as well as my natural cosmetic products which I develop for you in our laboratory.

With love, Inga!